The Untold Story

4 04 2012

Lol after a few months no new posting
and after no new news from me since the new year
now I’m back,with a lot of untold story since I last posted,lol
it is about my new loot (of course) and sweet story, also my journey
start with new loot:

the adorable Eve-chan (Eve!!! no-no,not Yamiii), Rinko-chan, petit Nadia, and Monopoly Deal
I’m lucky enough to win Nadia-chan from doorprize at some event
Monopoly Deal to play with my sister at home when we have nothing to do
and Rinko-chan from my boyfriend as a white day gift (hug that lovely bearr)

and for the untold story
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6 11 2011


currently addicting to fate/extra

Ride the Vanguard!!!!

6 11 2011

Raidoooo.. burasta buredoo!!!
no,I’m not a Royal Paladin deck user,lol
currently addicted to newest Bushiroad TCG,Cardfight!! Vanguard
it’s way mooore addicting than Weiss Schwarz


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Recent Loot

6 11 2011

long time not update my blog,busy with my real life task recently,lol
long time too not publish my loot
this time I got SD 00 Qanta and Nendo Madoka


that 00 Qanta is a birthday present from my friends,lol
and I finally play a lot with QB and madoka
waiting for my next loot at January,which is nendo Yami and nendo Miku Append ^_^
this is a link to my mfc account 😀

GN-001 Exia Dagger

27 04 2011

Name: GN-001 Exia Dagger
Modeller: KairiZero

Description: This is a modified Exia, with the body flexibility, It can fight well with melee weapon. Speciality in close combat, with GN Long Blade and GN Short Blade, GN Sword which kan transform into gun for long range enemy, Beam Dagger hidden everywhere in its body, Beam Saber, and Dual Wield Blade Dagger to fight in extreme close range with the enemy. Also GN Vulcan for long range enemy. Without a doubt, this is definitely the strongest and fastest melee unit that can slice any enemy within its range easily.


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Exia Dagger Preview – Weapon

25 04 2011

Still remember my first kit that I’m painting? Yes,it’s Exia
It’s finished now,but because this is the first time,still too many error
Also I don’t do the lining,because of some reason
The paintjob for the head,body,and two arms,also skirt,are soooo poor (spraycan)
After that I decided to change the primer I’m gonna use,and I satisfied with the result
I satisfied with the both leg and weapon,thanks to the airbrush using,with the mr surfacer primer

sneak peak of the weapons 😀

Tomorrow I will post the full pic of the kit,including description and action pose,so stay tune 😀

Weiss Schwarz + Magic The Gathering

26 02 2011

Quite surprise myself
I think I should start since a long time ago, but I don’t have enough courage or comrade to do so
without thinking, I bought one MTG: Mirrodin Besieged Intro Pack
and here we go, I start to reveal one by one my friends that play MTG too

This is my loot for this month

Yes, it’s all TCG (Weiss Schwarz and Magic The Gathering), with noumi kudryavka sleeve
without realize anything, I’ve already spent to much in it, quite surprise myself, about the amount

I find it fun, I’m not alone anymore
I play it with another person on Saturday
no more movies alone, no more lonely Saturday
Still, the reason why I start playing MTG is obvious, I will keep the answer for myself :p

At first, I start WS before MTG
bought 1 trial deck and a few singles

It’s fun
I’m always miss how to say trigger check when I play 😀

Two TCG at the same time huh
gonna waste a lot of money, but it worth
another my new hobby that need a lot of money, guess I’ll do something to earn money, lol